It's impossible to overestimate the importance of music. The great moments in our lives, usually, have a soundtrack. Whether we're experiencing paradise by the dashboard light, dancing with sugar-plum fairies or busting a move, life without music is less vibrant, less interesting, less engaging. Your spots are the same way.

From jingles to original music to complete scores, Studio Center music can make your work more memorable, more emotional, more YOU. Funnier, sadder, hipper, louder - whatever "er" you're looking for, Studio Center's original compositions will infuse your spot with the emotion needed to really make an impact in the clutter of today's radio and TV.

Give your work the unique stamp that only original compositions can provide and let's make beautiful music together. CLICK HERE!


Jingles have been an enormously popular marketing and branding tool for decades. They have also been stuck in our brains for years! Not yours? Really? How about “It’s The Real Thing” (Coke) or I Wish I Was An Oscar Mayer Wiener” (Oscar Mayer) and don’t forget “M’m, M’m Good” (Campbell’s Soup)? Most of these Jingles haven’t run in years yet we can ALL still sing along to them. Why? Because they work! NOTHING works better than a well written and well produced Jingle for name awareness and recognition.

Here at Studio Center, we LOVE Jingles and our customers LOVE our Jingles. We produce hundreds of terrific Jingles every year that contribute to hundreds of successful campaigns. In fact, Studio Center has won the “Best in Show” Silver Microphone Award for the best Jingle in the ENTIRE country! And you thought that all we did was produce great commercials!

Freedom Automotive TV

Jack Chicken Finger Male

Mid American Energy

Pampering Plumber

PenFed Folk

PenFed Rock


Chopra & Nocerino

BGE Summer Means Savings


Call Mac Mac

Dark of the Forest

Decker Law Firm

Jacks Football

Maryland Health Connection (english)

Maryland Health Connection (spanish)

Palm Beach Tans v1

Palm Beach Tans v2

Palm Beach Tans v3


Pure Silk


The Braces Places



Can't find the right piece of music for your project?

Let us create it for you!

Studio Center has 2 Full Time Composers on staff ready to go 24/7!

Come on!
We have our own theme song!

Priority Automotive - Home Coming

Studio Center Theme Song

Custom Music by Peter Pope


Tell us about your project and your budget and one of our account executives will be in touch with you shortly.


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