What is the Single Greatest Thing in the Universe?

We can't single out ONE thing, so we'll give you a few:

> Being Entertained <
> Being a company that entertains <
> Studio Center Entertainment <


Who is Studio Center Entertainment?

Besides being one of the Greatest Things in the Universe, we are imaginative storytellers. Creative thinkers. Master casters. Innovative producers. Writing fiends. Visual artists. Editing gurus. Pop-culture fanatics.

And admittedly, caffeine addicts.

Studio Center’s production cred was cemented over 40 years ago,

leading the pack with unparalleled audio and video commercial work around the country. So it only made sense that when Studio Center Entertainment launched into original and unscripted programming, we brought in successful industry players and the most sought-after freelancers in the biz.


picture of William Prettyman
William Prettyman


picture of Katlyn Wilson
Katlyn Wilson

Development Director

Shannon Leyko Asst. Dev. Dir.
Shannon Leyko

Asst. Development Director

*Plus an incomparable roster of the most gifted producers, DPs, editors, and production support around. We’re talking the people who create ratings-busting television. The “I’d like to thank the Academy” types…if Academy Awards were given for TV instead of film. You know, the ones who love what they do because, #1 it’s fun and #2, come on, it’s TV – who wouldn’t want this gig?


Inside Business Interviews The SCE Team

magazine articles

Recently Butch Maier from Inside Business sat down with William Prettyman, Christine Jones and Malina Finan of the Studio Center Entertainment team, for a little Q & A about their new programming venture.

Part of the article is below.

"Will you only produce unscripted shows or are you going to leave the door open for scripted? Or it's just too expensive?

William "Woody" Prettyman, Studio Center CEO: I leave the door open for anything, and I'll tell you why: I've been approached with 15 scripts for documentary movies. I'd lean more to the documentary at some point because it could be a passion thing if I found something I love or hit home, if it's someone I love.

What do you have planned?

Christine Cipriani Jones, Studio Center Entertainment vice president: It runs the gamut. Unscripted encompasses a lot of different types of shows. There's reality, docuseries - which can differ from reality - competition, cooking, docudrama, which encompasses some re-creations.

Can you say how many shows you have set up?"

Continue reading the Q&A here.

Studio Center Launches New Unscripted Television Division

Virginia Beach, VA — December 18, 2014.

Studio Center, the country's largest commercial production company, announced today the formation of "Studio Center Entertainment", dedicated to the development and production of original non-fiction television and online content.

With 40 years of experience and dominance in the world of audio and video production, Studio Center's new division is the next chapter in the company's evolution and promises to bring intriguing content, larger-than-life personalities and entertaining ideas to a sizable national audience.

Studio Center's CEO, William "Woody" Prettyman, will helm the new division along with Christine Cipriani Jones, Studio Center Entertainment's newly appointed Vice President. Jones, a successful player in the television industry for 25 years, and Prettyman have assembled an incomparable team of gifted producers, DP's, editors and production support including Malina Decker Finan, SCE's Development Director.

With over 20 projects currently in development, Studio Center Entertainment is accepting ideas for new original programming at www.studiocenterentertainment.com.

About the new division, Jones commented, "I'm ecstatic over this venture. We've assembled a talented team of producers who are responsible for hit unscripted shows, and combined with Studio Center's impeccable service, I know we'll be making our mark in original programming."

Adding to Jones' comments, Prettyman said, "We've spent the last 11 years building the infrastructure with facilities, staff and talent to create and produce terrific original programming. This is truly a momentous day for Studio Center and we are all beyond excited!"

About Studio Center: Studio Center, with 6 locations in 5 cities fully produces over 15,000 Radio and TV commercials each year. Studio Center also produces Websites, including Design and Development, Online Videos, Corporate Training Videos, Infomercials, Audio for Toys and Games and Documentaries -- for clients in all 50 states and 23 countries around the world. Studio Center Total Production has an exclusive roster of hundreds of non-union and union talent including a deep on-camera roster. Please call 1-866-515-2111 to set up a tour today! Visit our site www.studiocenter.com.


Think you have an idea for The Next Big Hit? Pitch us!

Ever been told you should have your own reality show? Pitch us!

Know someone whose life is crazy (“Cray” if you’re under 25!) enough for TV? Pitch us!

What do we look for? Out-of-the box ideas. Remarkable characters. Regular People in extraordinary circumstances. Unconventional lives. Studio Center Entertainment gives audiences a look into outstanding lives and compelling stories.

If you have an awesome idea for a TV show or series, tell us about it. If you know colorful characters leading fabulous lives, tell us about them. If your idea ends up on our Development Slate, there’s money involved. Yep, we said it. Money. Cash. Bank. Dinero.

Just complete the form below. And remember, we’re visual people, so pictures and video go A LOOONG Way in getting our attention!

If you’re old school and prefer to go the snail mail route (we get it, some of us have been producing since before being a Housewife meant being famous), download our Submission Form here and send it with any supporting materials to: Studio Center Entertainment, ATTN: Original Programming Submissions, 161 Business Park Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 *Please note that submissions are not returned.

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