We at Studio Center have participated in LIVE events as a company marketing strategy.The Studio Center LIVE team will make sure you are in the right events after doing a client's needs analysis, and presenting you with sponsorship proposals that make sense for your brand, with the final decision being determined by your team.We do all of the leg work, but we guarantee your voice will be heard.Studio Center LIVE will require from the promoter,pictures of the events you chose, including but not limited to signage, social networking, onsite space, video played at event, email blasts, website click throughs, and proof of performance on all media inclusion (TV, Radio, Digital etc).


The team at Studio Center Live is constantly keeping up with sponsorship trends and successful onsite activation programs.We will help to guide your company into successful sponsorships and eventsthat have a proven track record. Our initiatives are to boost brand awareness to connect with the event audience in a memorable way. There are infinite digital and social platforms available, but there is a tremendous value in deepening customer relationships at LIVE events and having a brand ambassador communicate your company’s desired message.

Review of Current Material

We will review all your current and past sponsorship material to see what can be improved upon.

Demographic Research

We will research the target demographic and make sure your property is aligned well to achieve the best results.

Sponsorship Level Creation

We will put together creative sponsorship levels offering optimal benefits and great value to the sponsor partner.

Pie Charts & Mockups

We will turn your demographic numbers into easy to understand visual elements that will capture the reader's attention.

Proposal Layout

We will a provide professional proposal layout that will make your sponsorship proposal stand out from the competition.

Press Release Announcement

Our PR Team will write and distribute a press release to announce your opportunity Nationally.

Network Inclusion

Get included in Studio Center LIVE’s sponsorship network, we will make your sponsorship opportunity available to prospective sponsors.

PDF Files - Accessibility for Americans with Disabilities Instructions: In order to have PDF files accessible and read out loud, you will need to download the PDF file. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. Go to View and scroll down to “Read Out Loud” and activate. Then, hover your cursor over the text.


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